Children are the Future of the country and providing them access to quality education is critical towards shaping this future. From time immemorial, the notion of learning has ever existed. In actuality, wonderful leaders have even gone to the extent of saying that life is a college and that learning never stops. However, when it comes to educating your child, college education is an important choice. But with so many choices to pick from, you will need to be certain about choosing the ideal college for your child.

Best Education

What are public schools?

As we have already Told you that education is the fundamental right of every child. Given this circumstance, the authorities introduced public schools. The core goal of these schools is that education becomes available at a reasonable price. However, the education in public schools is not completely free because at the end of the day, parents are funding such schools throughout the taxes they pay to the authorities. Such schools are conducted by NGO’s, churches and similar institutions.


  • Education is at a nominal price
  • Easy admission
  • Constantly updated curriculum
  • Access to all the Other essential facilities like sports, play, etc

Higher student to Teacher ratio: This means that students going into public schools are less likely to get appropriate attention from the teachers. After all, if you are studying in a crowded course, the attention span will hardly last for a couple of seconds.

What are private schools?

For those who do not Know, private colleges have been part of our culture since time immemorial. Those who were wealthy and could afford the excess splurging of cash opted for private schools because they wanted their kid to have better education. Even today, this fundamental principle is still the same. It is one of the important facts to take into account.


  • More choices in terms Of program being offered
  • Low student to teacher Ratio so that your child is likely to get better focus
  • A better learning environment

The biggest Drawback of opting for private schools is they are costly. It follows that not all parents can afford this option. However, there continue to be a growing number of parents that are willing to distribute the excess money so as to give their kids a chance to learn better.